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The side-part hairstyle has been around for years, but it was catapulted into the spotlight of men everywhere with the arrival of Mad Men’s Don Draper. Showing us how đồ sộ look as slick and suave as humanly possible in the business setting, the side-part hairstyle was key đồ sộ his success.

Of course, he’s not the only one đồ sộ rock one of the most stylish side part hairstyles. Plenty of real-life gentlemen have owned the look and updated it for the 21st century (David Beckham comes đồ sộ mind).

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What we love about the side part hairstyle is its versatility. It looks great on the red carpet, but you don’t have đồ sộ be a movie star đồ sộ make it work. It’s a haircut that looks equally as good in the office as it does at black-tie events.

How To Ask Your Barber For A Side-Part Haircut?

The side part hairstyle is quite literally defined by the side parting. However, how you cut and style the rest of your side part is entirely down đồ sộ you. While a classic side part would Call for similar length hair everywhere, modern interpretations have introduced features such as fades.

When you’ve nailed the side part haircut, it’s time đồ sộ pick up some products. The tools you’ll need will depend on the type of hair you have and the look you’re going for. For thin or normal hair, a pomade offers both shine and pliability. For thick đồ sộ medium hair, a gel may be better able đồ sộ tame your tougher locks.

It doesn’t matter too much if you have straight or curly hair, as both can be tamed. Straight hair has the advantage of being controlled by a comb or brush much easier, however.

To style your side part, apply the product of your choice evenly throughout damp hair after a shower. Find your natural part by brushing your hair forward, shaking your head lightly, and noticing where the hair starts đồ sộ separate. Then simply comb the sides down, and push the front slightly back and over đồ sộ the side (or up, back, and over đồ sộ the side, if you want a higher quiff). Job done, you handsome devil.

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Expert Tips

Chris Kapetanov @ Preen Salon

For the perfect side part, you’ll need a comb and some good quality product. Keep two products handy at home: 1 shiny and the other more matte. This way you can alternate between a more casual, relaxed look during the day and a shine for the evening. For a more relaxed feel once you’ve combed the hair, lập cập your fingers through it đồ sộ break it up a bit and introduce a little texture. Try mixing both products together đồ sộ make a blend that suits you for any occasion.

Side Part Hairstyles FAQ

How long should your hair be for a side part?

You need about two đồ sộ four inches hair on top for a successful side part. The longer the hair, the more volume you will have.

What side should I part my hair on?

It depends. If you hair moves in a clockwise circle, a part on the left is the best. If counterclockwise, it should be on the right. Make sure đồ sộ keep your side part as close đồ sộ the ear as possible.

What products đồ sộ use đồ sộ create a side part?

For your side part, you can secure it in place using gel for a wet-look finish. If you prefer a more matte texture, pomade is your best bet.

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